Pure Calm

Hello, my name is Michael Kaufman co-founder of Pure Calm Wellness.

I am filled with gratitude that you are here. 

I’m honored to share my findings, my light, and my truth with you.

My hemp health journey began two years ago with my mother being rushed to the hospital.

I have a vivid memory of her doctor telling my family she was going to start battling stomach cancer.

It was uncertain how long she was going to live.  Everyone in my family was devastated.

She began chemotherapy days later.  Together as a family, we’ve been fighting for her.

Seeing my mother going through the difficulties of chemo, put holes in my heart.

Anxiety set in and I began having dark sleepness nights.

After months of distress, I decided… I needed to help my mom, myself, and my family.

“Enough is enough!” 

I began my life’s mission to find some sort of relief for my mom.  I needed a solution. 

At first, My mom and I meditated and practiced yoga together. 

That seemed to help her mind and soul, but she was still in pain.

Her body needed healing. The treatments were rough.

I began reaching out to doctors and different survivors.  I couldn’t stop…

Time after time, the answers were the same.

“Hemp and CBD helped me!”

I did all the research I could. I ended up ordering 20+ products. I went all in! 

Being my own guinea pig, I felt like a mad scientist.

I found small amounts of relief, but nothing perfect.

After months of research and testing, I felt hopeless. Wasting money, energy, and time. Yet still seeing my mom suffering.

A friend of mine connected me with Chris (Co-Founder). After telling him my story, Chris responded “Dude, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, Why don’t you try this….”

He had developed this new type of Hemp/CBD extract. 

Little did I know…he gifted me the Holy Grail. 

The next time my mom experienced stomach pain, I gave her what is now Pure Calm. 

In the course of minutes, her pain subsided for hours at a time.  She finally experienced relief.

I knew I found something special. “Chris, We need to share this with the world.”

Later that day I started Pure Calm a health and wellness company. 

It is our mission to share our gift, our story and build a global community of individuals who have found relief through Pure Calm.



Our Vision

Our vision is to help you live an untethered life. Pure Calm, is not just a name, its a lifestyle, it is a guiding principle of adventure, relaxation, and wellness. We hope that our products, give you the same freedom as it provided to our family’s and friends. Our goal is to see how you experience pure calm. Send us your favorite photos of you experience calm, for a chance to be featured on our instagram & website.

Solving the hardest problems requires the best people. We think that the best people will be drawn to the opportunity to work on the hardest problems. That’s why our team only accepts those true to our values.

If you share our vision, contact us for a chance to be a brand ambassador.

Our Values

Our values define us as a company. They form a coherent set of principles that are relevant across our business and underpin everything we do. They are Integrity, Originality, Long-term focus, and Quality.

Integrity: We treat everyone equally and with respect. We trust and honor our commitments and deliver on our goals & promises.

Originality – We reward creativity, we have the courage to challenge convention and we always respect differences of opinion.

Long-term focus -We recognize the youth of the legal health industry and believe that education & research, will enlighten the views of the benefits of hemp in everyday life.

Quality – Quality is caring about details, recognizing the importance of honest choices by honest people for Pure Calm.

Do you want to join our team?